Digital Marketing for Dental Clinics

In today’s world, customers do a detailed analysis of dental clinics before even picking up the phone and booking an appointment. Gone are the days you had direct walkins to the clinic. A large part of customers book their appointment . So it is very important to have a proper digital presence.

However before you setup your online presence you should ask few questions

  1. What is the main objective of my digital presence ??
  2. Also is your location not prominent relative to competitors ?? and this situation Digital presence and marketing lot of importance
  3. Are you losing customers to your competitors because they are present online in the best possible way??
  4. Is it possible for you to offer home dentistry service?? for which equipment can be carried.

Dental clinics, Spas, beauty care are very localized business. If you observe, search volume for “Dental Clinic near me” has seen exponential growth in the last few years. This data is from Google Trends

Digital Marketing for Dental Clinic, Spa

In today’s world it is basic necessity for a dentist or a spa or beauty parlor to have an online presence which is the website (with all SEO in place) to start with, then ensure presence across all the digital channels like Google My Business, Local listing on Facebook, Instagram etc, business directories, Forums etc .

Once the online hygiene factors are in place which typically takes around 3 months, you could also look at paid advertising too only targeting in your region where your clinic is present.

If you are still struggling with to take a decision, get in touch with us, we would be happy to help. We provide end to end Digital Marketing solutions at an optimal cost.

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